Stay Focused. Hear Better.

"Nani?", which is the Japanese word for "What?", was designed as an easy-to-use tool for those who want an extra boost to their natural hearing ability. Taking cues from our deep history and understanding of sound reproduction in personal entertainment, we were able to apply those same technologies and methods to create a more coherent experience for everyday listening activities.

Now you can enhance the way you hear daily conversations, television programs, movies, phone calls, or even lectures with this lightweight and discreet sound amplifier.

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A natural way to hear

With a base small enough to fit in a pocket or purse comfortably, the true technology of the Pioneer "Nani?" lies within its pair of inconspicuous earbuds. Unlike similar listening devices, each earbud features an individual microphone giving greater ability to catch and interpret the direction and placement of the sound's source, creating a more natural feeling for the user.

An Everyday Solution

Because of it's flexibility "Nani?" provides an improved hearing experience no matter the setting or environment.

nani lifestlye image
At School Focus better in difficult lectures or classroom activities by filtering out noise and clarifying the instructor.
nani lifestyle group image
Social Gatherings Stay part of the whole conversation by enhancing the voices of the people around you when in busy or crowded settings.
nani lifestyle chatting image
Watching TV Keep track of your favorite shows from across the room with every twist-and-turn being amplified.

Simple design meets Advanced Technology

nani feature iconsVolume Protection
"Nani?" automatically listens for and reduces unexpected spikes in decibel levels, protecting your hearing from irritating disturbances.
noise reduction imageNoise Reduction
Advanced Digital Sound Processing, or DSP, reduces the ambient noise and interference with the signal, providing the most clear and coherent audio possible.
nani feature long life iconExtra-Long Life
The "Nani?" holds up to 21 continuous hours of battery life along with the ability to accept standard AAA batteries, giving you peace of mind on extended trips.